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What exactly do ESA animals do?

When I got my esa a few years back, I considered it as a normal pet. Though it is a normal pet but its purpose is different and you cannot just adopt it like any other pet. For example, nebelung cat etc. I did a lot of research on this and then I found out answers to my questions. Maybe you are also looking for answers just like me. So, here is all you need to know

What do emotional support animals do? 
As the term suggests, these animals provide emotional and mental comfort to their owners. They provide comfort and love to those who suffer from psychiatric and physical disabilities. These animals do not require any special training. However, their owners can get many benefits from having them around.  
Usually, people consider that emotional support animals are only a cat or dog but actually, it can be any animal of your choice. Any animal that can provide joy and happiness to their owners is eligible
Few Benefits of ESA
Helps in reducing anxiety 
The primary reason for having esa is that almost everyone is suffering from anxiety and depression. If a person has serious anxiety and depression then it can affect his or her day to day life. In this case, you can turn to animals and relax. When you feel sad, you can rub your hands on your pet and you will suddenly feel the change in your mood. Their presence, love, and softness to pets are very calming and mood-boosting. You can opt ragamuffin cat to reduce your anxiety. 
Trauma support 
These animals are very helpful for the people who are going through some difficult situations such as trauma. They can comfort you and help you relax. They can divert your attention by their cute little actions. They can take you out of your upsetting thoughts for a while.
Improved health 
Numerous studies have shown that emotional support animals help in improving the overall health of the person. They help in lowering blood pressure and decrease respiration rate if it is not normal. They also improve your ability to cope with pain.
Fewer feelings of loneliness 
If you are alone then you must adopt an esa because they offer you their lovely companionship. They will stay with you all the time and will not let you feel alone at all. They will love you with all their heart and try to keep you happy. Esa is especially important for those who live alone and they have symptoms of anxiety and depression. They can help you in managing your anxiety and depression.  
Care and love 
When you keep an esa with you then you need to take care of them. This can give you a sense of purpose. You will not feel worthless. They also need our care love and this can be emotionally rewarding.
Loads of attention 
Emotional support animals usually consist of cats and dogs. They give lots of love and attention to their owner. They wait for their owner to return from work just to shower them with their pure and innocent feelings. They will cuddle with you and take away all your stress and tensions. When they will look at you with their gleaming eyes you will feel that as if they are transferring their love and affection to you.   
I hope that you now know the purpose of esa. You can get your esa if you are genuinely suffering from mental disability. You can see an emotional support animal letter sample online and can get the same type of letter from your registered therapist.  There are many breeds that you can choose, it doesn't matter if it is a dog or a cat like balinese cat.
 Animals can relieve stress in a way that no therapist can do. They provide you their love and devotion and they did not ask anything in return.

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